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  1. Nora Addo /

    Please what if the applicant has no minimum certificate as required

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      We are admitting matured candidates now. Call 0303961560 to book a place now.

  2. Kweku Dontoh /

    Would like to know about the airline ticketing course.
    Cost of tuition and examinations, duration
    Would also like to know if you do job placement after completion of the course

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      please call 0303961560 for vivid explanations. Registration in progress. Attachments assured!

    2. Andrew Manfort /

      hello, we assure you of attachments and possible placement. call us on 0303961560

  3. moses mensah /

    Dear Sir,

    Please when is the next registration for the 12 weeks specialized training?


    1. Andrew Manfort /

      Registration is in progress. Call 0303961560 for explanations.

    2. Andrew Manfort /

      hi, registration ongoing now. Please call admin on 0303961560

  4. John Atsu Aveey /

    Good Morning am John Aveey, would like to be trained in your institution but would like to know how to apply also can person apply with his/her wassce result.
    If yes then what are the pass result for a person to apply?

    2.Also Can a person apply without a certificate or if the person await for his/her result?

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      yes you can apply with your Wassce result. Please call 0303961560 for vivid explanation.

  5. Ruth Asabea Okraku /

    Pls can u assist me on how to download the application forms wasnt able to download will be glad if I would be helped out

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      please follow this link directly.

  6. Richard Osei /

    Please how much is the SAT course? Can i use the certification to apply for any tertiary institution in Ghana and abroad. i want to also know the course duration and the amount of my first installment i required to pay before i start?

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      Hello, tuition fee for the 3 months period is ghc 800. No, you cannot use it to apply for a local tertiary institution.

  7. James Orion /

    Please call will like to know if the registration is still in progress for July applicants

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      hi James, we are currently admitting. Please call admissions on 0303961560

  8. James Orion /

    I will also like to know the current tuition fee for the aviation course.

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      Ghc 700 for tuition.

  9. Gladys Tetteh /

    hello. please i would like to know if you train flight attendant, if yes then i would like to know the cost involved and also if a business student can apply?

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      yES we do. Tuition fee is ghc 700 and external cert is usd 600. call 0303961560 for further info

  10. Flora /

    hi i live in the Gambia and i want to do the cabin crew course in this case i want to know how much is it for the fees and how long the course will take thank you.

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      Hi Flora, for international students, you pay usd 250 for tuition and usd 600 for IATA external certification.

  11. Dzido /

    Please s can u be admitted with NVTI Certificates? I want to know please

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      hello, yes you can. Kindly call admissions on 0303961560

  12. Godwin /

    Please what are the requirements for a parson to be able to apply to your institution

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      Please call 0303961560 so we address your needs. Thanks

  13. Eric /

    Hi can you please give me your contact number to reach on. need more clearifications on your programms

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      hello, please contact me on 0303961560. Thanks

  14. Anagblah Kwaku /

    Pls I want to know the tuition fee for the Advanced Course In Airport Operations and the duration for the course.

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      Hi Kwaku, duration is 4 months and tuition fee is ghc 700, international cert is usd 200. Call 0303961560 for details.

  15. Isaac Amissah /

    please, I’m Isaac. I hold a degree in tourism management and working presently. I would like to enroll in your advance course in airport operations and I would like to know how to go about it and if it is possible to school at the same time working

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      hello Isaac, we have a weekend class for you. Call 0303961560 for details on how we can assist you.

  16. cephas /

    Hi please i didnt pass in my wassce …can i apply too??
    If yes pls how much will i pay in all for admission on human resources management

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      hello, you can still apply. Tuition fee for the diploma course is GHC 1200. Call admin now for admissions on 0303961560

  17. Ebisike Stella .N /

    Am a Nigerian, on the accredited aviation course – 1. I want to know the qualification that will be needed for me to enrole , 2.what is the course duration.3.what will be the cost of it. 4.After the course do you do job placement to your candidate after the course

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      If you hold a degree, diploma or at least a Wassce, you qualify to enrol. We offer opportunities for attachments. Duration is 6 months. Please call admin now on 0303961560 for further info. Thanks.

  18. yeboah emmanuel /

    please i want to know whether there is a job opportunity after completion

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      We provide opportunities for attachments. Through attachment, you may earn the job.

  19. Qwame Joe /

    Please i won’t to know the cost involved if i want to study DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION
    TECHNOLOGY. Also will like to know the duration; how to apply and the class periods (morning /evening )

    1. Andrew Manfort /

      GHC 1500. We have regular class weekdays in the morning and weekend classes. Please call admin on 0303961560. April session in progress now!!

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