Creative Graphics Design

Our Creative Graphic Design Master programme would equip you with modern practices in the creative arts industry. This interactive and practical programme would enhance your creativity and illicit and ignite the innovation ingenuity embedded in you. You can employ this acquired skill to marketing activities for your company or use it to enhance a website’s appearance and attractiveness. Certification that is recognized is assured. Therefore, do you desire to learn Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw? Then look no further!

This training would equip equip you with the full skillset required to design graphics for a number of different purposes, including marketing material, websites, social media graphics and internal graphics for offices or stores. This course is well designed to enable you make a career out of it.

Creative graphic designers are highly sought after in this modern day of social media where company presence on social media is a must. Therefore, having the skillset to edit, redefine and resize images is sine qua non to modern marketing and business performance.

Possessing skills required to edit, update or upload images, resize and retouch images is highly sought after in the field of marketing and business. Using our graphics tools which are industry standard, especially Adobe can enhance design creativity that is essential for business.

By the end of our Photoshop courses, you will be able to work with layers, convert images and refine images. You’ll also learn how to create photo collages which are great if you are involved with building or updating website content.

Tuition Fee (Ghc 500)

Duration (6 weeks, 2x a week)

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