The adult literacy programme is totally distinct from child education. With this form of learning, which is not a traditional schooling method, adults engage in self-sustaining learning activities to acquire knowledge, skills and improve on their general education. This course is specially designed for individuals who are 16 years and above. The main aim of this literacy programme is empowerment: where individuals with no formal education are brought up to speed with current trends and development in general education. For the English literacy programme, the courses are divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels. At the basic level, basic grammar, punctuation, spelling and speech are taught. At the intermediate level, the focus is on improving writing skills, grammar and reading skills, whereas at the advanced level, we teach adults sentence construction and how they can write essays and paragraphs. With this programme, your ability to communicate fluently in English would be greatly enhanced and you would be able to build confidence, improve yourself and further your education.

Course Content for English:

*Greetings and numbers

*Writing (alphabets, grammar, sentence structure)

*Adjectives and vocabulary

*Speaking and communication



For the Mathematics programme, we focus on these topics: geometry, pre-algebra, statistics and basic mathematics. Many adults, when young, have been made to fear the subject of maths. Therefore, the first thing we do at our first meeting is to eliminate this negative thinking of maths and put you on a right thinking path of perceiving maths as exciting, and interesting. This course will definitely challenge you to be the best at numbers.

Course Content for Mathematics:




*Percentages and ratios

For the ICT programme, we introduce you to basic typing and surfing the internet and creating email accounts at the basic level. At the intermediate level, we introduce you to Microsoft Word and basic Excel. At the advanced level, we teach you Advance Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.

 Course Content for ICT:

*Internet Surfing and emails


*Microsoft Excel



LEVELS: Level 1 and Level 2 is compulsory to achieve the learning outcome.

Level 1 (8 weeks)

Level 2 (5 weeks)

Level 3 is optional

Level 3 (8 weeks)

Number of hours: 6 hours weekly (2x a week). Morning, evening and weekend classes are available!


Registration Fee: GHC100

Tuition Fee: GHC1500 (13 weeks)

 Level 3: GHC1000 (8 weeks)

*All students would be certified at the end of the course after successfully passing the examinations.

 *We have discounts and unique packages for groups of students.