Administrative Assistant

This Course targets those interested in working in offices as administrative assistants or office assistants. It equips you with the professional skills needed to execute the role effectively. In this course, we fully cover Microsoft Word, Access, and Powerpoint.


Course Outline for Microsoft Word

  1. Getting Started with Word
  2. Formatting Text and Paragraphs
  3. Adding and working with tables
  4. Inserting Graphic Objects
  5. Inserting Smart Art
  6. Inserting symbols
  7. Adding Headers and Footers
  8. Adding Watermarks
  9. Checking Spelling, Grammar, and Readability
  10. Save a Document to Other Formats
  11. Inserting Content Using Quick Parts
  12. Text Boxes
  13. Using Templates
  14. Insert a Table of Contents
  15. Adding Hyperlinks
  16. Using Mail Merge to Create Letters, Envelopes, and Labels
  17. Printing word documents

Course Outline for Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Getting Started with PowerPoint
  2. Getting Started with PowerPoint
  3. Creating a Presentation
  4. Formatting Characters
  5. Formatting Text Boxes
  6. Inserting Images
  7. Inserting Shapes
  8. Editing Objects
  9. Formatting Objects
  10. Group Objects
  11. Arranging Objects
  12. Animating Objects
  13. Creating a Table
  14. Formatting a Table
  15. Creating a Chart
  16. Formatting a Chart
  17. Inserting a Chart from Microsoft Excel
  18. Applying Transitions
  19.  Print Your Presentatio

Course Outline for Access

  1. Getting Started with Access
  2. Creating a simple Database
  3. Creating and Using Forms
  4. Creating and Using Queries
  5. Creating and Using Reports
  6. Using forms and buttons to create user interface
  7. Sorting and Filtering Data
  8. Viewing Data
  9. Creating Relationships Between Tables
  10. Printing a Database Object
  11. Business Communication

Duration of Course (12 weeks)

Tuition Fee (Ghc 1000)

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