Advance Microsoft Excel Training

 What is Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a type of a spreadsheet application.

What  then is a spreadsheet? You might ask.

A spreadsheet is a type of application software  consisting of rows and columns that is used to manipulate data electronically. In spreadsheets, data is organize in tabular forms.

The purpose of spreadsheet applications such as Excel is to help users store, organize, manipulate and analyze data.  Manipulation of data can be in the form of sorting, calculating , converting data to into charts etc.

Different organizations use Excel for different purposes.  Excel can be used by organizations for data storage, budgeting, office and administrative activities, forecasting, charts and dashboards, data analysis etc.

Our practical Excel training with certificate can benefit not only workers but also people who wish to become Office Assistants, Personal Aids, Sales, Marketing Officers and Front Desk Assistants.

Course Outline for Microsoft Excel

  1. Getting Started With Microsoft Office Excel
  2. Performing Calculations
  3. Using functions
  4. Importing Text Files
  5. Create and modify charts.
  6. Sort, filter, and manage lists.
  7. Insert and modify illustrations in a worksheet.
  8. Learn to work with tables.
  9. Learn to use conditional formatting and styles.
  10. Setting Margins
  11. Setting Page Orientation
  12. Setting the Print Area
  13. Print Scaling (Fit Sheet on One Page)
  14. Printing Headings on Each Page/Repeating Headers and Footers
  15. Headers and Footers
  16. Modifying a Worksheet
  17. Formatting a Worksheet
  18. Creating Pivot Tables
  19. Managing Relationships in pivot Tables
  20. Preparing Your Data
  21. Inserting a Pivot Table
  22. Inserting Pivot Charts
  23. Creating dashboards with data
  24. Inserting Slicers
  25. Copying Charts from Excel to Word

Mode of Delivery ( Online or face to face)

Tuition fee (Ghc 1000)

Duration (6 weeks)

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